Module 1: Introducing Astro-Finance with Osher

Discover the power of predicting collective psychology and market moves in the financial world by studying the astrology of finance with me. Utilizing Osher's combined astrological insights, we will delve into the analysis of planetary cycles, transits, and aspects to build a comprehensive financial astrology toolbox for predicting markets and economic cycles. Our Astro-Finance module course covers the fundamentals, various methods of analysis, and offers valuable insights into trading, investing, and market timing. Embark on this journey to master your financial future today!

Module 1 out of 5

Module 1: Master the Astro-Finance method by learning how to identify and select the most influential planets for any financial chart or market.

  • Gain a solid understanding of astrology basics and their application to investments.

  • Discover the most influential planets in financial markets, including Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and minor planets/asteroids

  • Incorporate elements like the moon and aspects for a deeper understanding of market dynamics.

  • By the end of Module 1, confidently identify the most active and influential planets in relation to financial markets.

👉🏻 BEFORE you sign up!

This course is designed for people with prior knowledge of astrology and technical analysis

Before diving into the course material, ensure you are well-acquainted with the following fundamental aspects:

✶ Fundamental Astrology Concepts:

 a) Familiarize yourself with the sequence of the Zodiac, beginning with Aries and concluding with Pisces.

b) Be able to recognize each Zodiac sign by its unique symbol (e.g., ♈️ for Aries, ♎️ for Libra, ♑️ for Capricorn etc.).

 c) Understand and be able to identify the symbols of our solar planets (e.g., ♄ for Saturn, ♃ for Jupiter, ☾ for the Moon, ☉ for the Sun, Ω for Omega etc.).

d) Comprehend the primary archetypes and traits associated with each Zodiac sign.

✶ Technical Analysis Essentials:

a) Understand how to identify support and resistance levels.

b) Be familiar with Fibonacci retracements and the Relative Strength Index (RSI) as key market indicators.

c) Be able to identify and label trending market patterns, both bearish and bullish.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome message

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    3. Sky observation

    4. Sky mapping (Zodiac)

    1. Images & Illustrations

    2. MARS (ARIES)



    5. MOON (CANCER)

    6. SUN (Leo)

    7. Chiron / Mercury (Virgo)

    8. Mars, Pluto (Scorpio)

    9. Jupiter (Sagittarius)

    10. Saturn (Capricorn)

    11. Uranus (Aquarius)

    12. Neptune (Pisces)

    13. Planets quiz

    1. Introduction to planets in signs

    2. SUN in Zodiac Signs

    3. MOON in Zodiac Signs

    4. MARS in Zodiac Signs

    5. VENUS in Zodiac Signs

    6. MERCURY in Zodiac Signs

    1. JUPITER in Zodiac Signs

    2. SATURN in Zodiac Signs

    3. NEPTUNE in Pisces & Aries (2011-2038)

    4. PLUTO in Capricorn & Aquarius (2008-2043)

    5. URANUS in Zodiac Signs

    1. Fire Element

    2. Earth Element

    3. Air Element

    4. Water Element

    1. Moon Behaviour

    2. Eclipses & North-South Node

    3. Eclipses & North South Node (Aries-Libra)

    4. Lunar Annual Phases

About this course

  • 42 lessons
  • 6 hours of video content
  • Basic astrology knowledge required

Unlocking the Stars for Financial Freedom

A Guide to Leveraging Astro-Finance for Long-Term Success

Have you ever been fascinated by the possibility of utilizing astrology for predicting market trends months or even years in advance?

Welcome! You're at the right place. We at the Osher Education Group are thrilled to present our new course, "Astro-Finance: Harnessing Astrology for Future Market Predictions".

This course serves as a unique platform for astrology enthusiasts to bridge the mystical science of astrology with a solid understanding of market dynamics. It empowers them to forecast market trends accurately for the future.

No matter if you're a seasoned astrologer or just an astrology hobbyist, this course will arm you with the knowledge to leverage astrology for making astute investment decisions.

We recognize that learning resources on astrology and finance are limited, and we're committed to addressing this gap. Our course will equip you with in-depth information to help you grasp and apply astrological principles in the financial sphere.

Astrology, with its richness and versatility, provides insights into self, life, society, and more. By tapping into astrology's power, you can deepen self-understanding, comprehend the world's rhythm, and get a glimpse of the collective consciousness. It not only enhances your life and relationships but also enriches your worldview, making it a fascinating skill to master.

🔴 Please note: Astro-finance is an unconventional method for analyzing one's financial future. Although based on astrological principles, it should not replace specific financial advice but serve as an entertaining way to explore potential financial patterns in the near future. It offers an alternative lens to view finances and comprehend market dynamics.

Our astro-finance methodology comprises 5 modules. Each module emphasizes different aspects of financial literacy and planning. The modules include:

* Module 1: Foundations of Astrology & Financial Approaches

* Module 2: Interpretation & Analysis of Astrological Charts 

* Module 3: Unveiling the Secrets to Forecast Bullish & Bearish Trends & Tantric Astrology Techniques

* Module 4: Uncovering Hidden Elements for Predicting Future Prices and Movements

* Module 5: Wealth Planning Using the Comprehensive Astro-Finance Method

Every module comes with course materials and activities, and The Astro Finance Method Indices, providing an in-depth view into financial literacy through engaging learning experiences. 

You can get a sneak peek of each module's syllabus and the included activities using the following links:

* Module 2: Preview

* Module 3: Preview

* Module 4: Preview

* Module 5: Preview

Self-Directed Learning Journey

AstroFinance is designed as a self-paced learning journey. In Module 5, students are provided with access to group support and discussions. While Osher provides independent instruction, direct interactions with him are reserved for students who have successfully completed all classes and assignments. Although AstroFinance encourages individual study and learning, it offers Osher's guidance when needed.



  • What astrology background is needed to study astro-finance?

    Astro-finance course is designed for both intermediate and advanced astrology students. If you are beginner, you should invest extra time to research and read more material to get aligned with information that Osher introduces in Module 1 and 2

  • Could I ask questions or any community support ?

    Module 1-4 are designed to be SELF-LEARNING so if something isn't clear please do research and repeat classes. From Module 5 you will be joined to exclusive server to get full community support.

  • Can I start from Module 2 or 3 ?

    No, you must start from module-1 to connect the dots either to digest terminology that Osher teaches until you get to heart of method in module-5

  • Can I purchase in advanced all modules?

    Each module is stand-alone master piece and is designed to take you step by step until module-5 (heart of Osher's method) * You can purchase in advanced all five modules but NOT to get access to advanced modules before completing prior modules.


The Astro-Finance Method Course, offered by Osher Education Group, provides students with a deep understanding of the fundamentals of astro-finance.

This comprehensive course covers the history, practices, economic theories, and mathematical concepts of astro-finance. Students will gain an understanding of how to apply these theories and methods in the current market environment. Moreover, they will develop a critical eye for analyzing financial markets and the skills necessary to effectively manage portfolios from an astrological perspective.

The course covers the following topics:

• History and principles of astro-finance

• Technical analysis and trading strategies

• Data analysis and mathematical modeling

• Economic and financial models in astro-finance

• Risk management, portfolio management and hedging strategies. 

* Access
The Astro-Finance course provides two years of access from the date of purchase. 
After this period, if you would like to continue accessing the course, you will need to purchase a new subscription. During the two-year access period, you will have unlimited access to all course materials, lectures, and activities included in the subscribed module. Furthermore, in Module 5, students receive support from Osher and can ask questions and apply the knowledge gained from the course.

Course host: 

Please note that the Astro Finance course is hosted on the "Thinkific" platform, and Osher Education Group is not responsible for any technical issues related to this platform. If you experience any issues with the platform, such as slow loading times, difficulty accessing the course, or any other technical issues, please reach out to Thinkific's technical support team for assistance. Osher Education Group is not responsible for any technical issues or other difficulties encountered while using the Thinkific platform.


* Refunds:
Please note that while refunds are not available, I am committed to ensuring that you have a positive experience and gain the most out of the course. If you have any concerns or issues, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. I am here to help and support you throughout your journey in the Astro Finance course.


The Astro Finance course is built from 5 modules, and each module needs to be taken one at a time in order to complete the course.

Before enrolling, it is important to review the prices and syllabus for each module, as well as for the course as a whole.

The syllabus will give you an outline of the topics that will be covered in each module, allowing you to make sure the course is a good fit for your educational and professional goals. 

Additionally, reviewing the costs of the individual modules and the course as a whole can help you determine the most cost-effective course of action for your budget.

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