Module 2 of the Astro Finance Method focuses on understanding the dynamics of financial markets and how to use data and analysis to make informed decisions about investments

  • The fundamentals of Astrology and its relevance to finance

  • How planetary energy in Astrology can influence financial outcomes

  • How to assess the potential potency of planets in finance with an emphasis on their domain, influence and application

  • The major aspects that exist between planets and how they can yield predictive value

  • The importance of timing and its relevance to financial decisions

  • Techniques used to formulate an astrological investment strategy

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome message

    2. Astrology software / apps

    1. Tropic vs Vedic system

    2. Placidus and Koch

    1. 3.1 Ascendent & Mid heaven

    2. 3.2 Birth location- MC : AC exception

    1. Conjunction, Square, Opposition, Trine, Sextile

    2. Collective & market aspects

    1. Domiciles

    2. Detriment locations

    3. Exalted planets

    4. Planets in FALL position

    1. Natal chart formation & research

    2. Bitcoin natal chart

    3. S&P500 natal chart

About this course

  • 24 lessons
  • 4.5 hours of video content

Unlock the Secrets of Astrofinance

Harness the Power of Astrology to Predict Charts Months ahead


It is also important to note that while the course is designed to be self-paced, it is recommended that students dedicate a sufficient amount of time to each module in order to fully absorb the material and maximize the benefits of the course.

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The Astro-Finance Method Course, offered by Osher Education Group, provides students with a deep understanding of the fundamentals of astro-finance.

This comprehensive course covers the history, practices, economic theories, and mathematical concepts of astro-finance. Students will gain an understanding of how to apply these theories and methods in the current market environment. Moreover, they will develop a critical eye for analyzing financial markets and the skills necessary to effectively manage portfolios from an astrological perspective.

The course covers the following topics:

• History and principles of astro-finance

• Technical analysis and trading strategies

• Data analysis and mathematical modeling

• Economic and financial models in astro-finance

• Risk management, portfolio management and hedging strategies. 

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After this period, if you would like to continue accessing the course, you will need to purchase a new subscription. During the two-year access period, you will have unlimited access to all course materials, lectures, and activities included in the subscribed module. Furthermore, in Module 5, students receive support from Osher and can ask questions and apply the knowledge gained from the course.

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